Holy Templar Kingdom Wiki

Business visa

to obtain a bussiness visa to visit the Templar Kingdom for the duration of 30 days, for business and travel purpose,

  • each person who wants to travel, needs to fill in one form.
  • if you wish to stay 60 days pay 48£,
  • if you wish to stay 90 days (maximum stay possible for single stay visit,) pay 72£ (between one stay and another there has to be atleast a 30 day out of the country period)

fill in with a black pen, in blockletters and for a zero write:ø (with a line trough it)

fill in the below attched form:    


United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail.                          

Business Visa:

Last name(s):____________________________________________________ First name(s):____________________________________________________

Sex: ________________ Passport #:____________________________

Colour eyes:________________Colour hair:_______________________

Passport photos outline1.jpg

Date of Birth:_____________________________________________________

Place of Birth:______________________________________________


How are you planning to enter the country: (put an X or a v throught circle that is indicating the correct form of transport being taken)

Car: O     Train: O     Boat: O     Airplane: O

Car: licence plate number:____________________________________


Building Year of car:_________________________________________

Train ticket number:_______________________________Company:______________________________________ Train number:_________________________Perron:_________________________ (a return ticket must be bought)

Boat ticket number:_______________________________Company:_____________________________________ Boat number:_________________________Dock:___________________________(a return ticket must be bought)

Airplane ticket number:____________________________Comapny:_____________________________________ Flight number:________________________Gate:___________________________ (a return ticket must be bought)

Date of Entry:________________________________________________________________________________

Date of departure:____________________________________________________________________________

Passport photos outline.jpg

attach: 1 colour photo.

Application cost: 24£. send the filled in application to: prince.eugenio.ii@hotmail.com

when you recieve this business visa (see example below) put it into you passport, and leave it in there for the duration of your stay and always have you passport on your person at all times when in the country! (a photo copy of passport and travel visa is not excepted as means of identification. Immediate deportation may be enforced in case of invalid travel documents.)