Holy Templar Kingdom Wiki

National dish[]


The best known dish of the Templar Kingdom is the lasagña. Unlike it's distant italian relative, the local dish has more ingredients, besides ground meat, it has also: chicken, sausage, ham and bacon. Also more then one type of cheese is used (inside and on top).

Other national dishes are Pañichi (it is like a grilled sandwish), Sacodormo (is like a calzone), Pan-Oro (a dubble decker pizza).


The Templar Kingdom has restricted the amount of fast food restaurant permits to a minimum to combat overweight problems and to promote a healthy and balanced eating habit in the the Iberian peninsula.

National drink[]

Zambrozia, it is a honey rum made of sugarcane, honey, vanilla, and a few other ingredients. Besides this, Zumos are very popular. Zumos (juices) made of Mango, Passion fruit, Guayaba, Pineapple, Tamarillo, Kiwi and many more.

Coca Cola, Pepsi and other soft drinks are not imported into the the country to promote the drinking of healthy local drinks. Also GMO's are not allowed to be grown in the country nor allowed to be imported into the country. GMO's are banned.

Breakfast is usually around 09:00am, Lunch is at 02:00pm (followed by an hour siesta) and supper is usually around 08:00/09:00pm. kosher foods are not imported (or made localy), since none of the population is either jewish or muslin.