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The United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, or simply Templar Kingdom or Beaulosagñe, is an autonomus territorial nation which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a "micronation" by external observers. founded in 1980 first as a dream, which generally became a desire to become a real independent state. Beaulosagñe is a Christian nation that has Jesvs Christ as head of state. The nation is ruled as an absolute theocratic monarchy.

Beaulosagñe is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain [1] & Portugal [2], it is a medieval type of kingdom in a modern world. It is a nation that thinks green and is anti-nuclear. Beaulosagñe is also a nation where the Knights Templar are real knights and have a nation of their own, where they are still guardians of the Grail. The Templar Kingdom has no constitution but has a Carta Magnifica, which in a way provides much of the same things a constitution has. It later became known as the only Templar Kingdom in the world. Listen to our national anthem:[3]

Beaulosagñe considers itself a legitimate sovereign state by the authority of Jesvs Christ and on the basis of the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, which sets out the definition, rights and duties of statehood. Most well-known is article I, which sets out the four criteria for statehood: The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications, a permanent population, defined territory, government, and capacity to enter into relations with the other states. Furthermore, the first sentence of article III explicitly states, "The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states."

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Micronational Institute of Standardization/MIS 639[]

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