Jesus in the cloud

at the return of Christ, every knee of every one on earth and in heaven will bend for the Son.


No saviour, but Christ!

In the Templar Church there is no person with higher autority, then Christ Jesus, Son of God. Jesus is God's Son and not merely a man as some gnostic might want to believe. If Jesus was just a man, as they claim, our faith would be in vain.

Jesus also was not a worshiper of the feminin principle, nor of Baphomet, Sofia, Isis or any other pagan god(dess). 

Jesus also did not believe in divine sex, or sex as a way to become a god, as some mormons believe. Nor did he practiced temple prostitution. These are false doctrines/lies that had crept in the medival church system, since the church incorprated may pagan festivals, to make pagans become christians.

Jesus is also not  just an ordinary prophet, as izlam would like you to believe. Nore a prophet inferiour to either John the Babtist (gnostics) or a imaginary bohammad. According to izlam, Jesus did not even die on the cross!  Imagine that blasphemy! If Jesus did not die, who then paid for the sins of mankind? If no one did, we are still all sinners with no hope of eternal life.

But the contrary of all this is true! Christ, did die for our sins, did only worship a single Jewish God (JHVH), and is alive and is now our reigning king! Through Christ, and Christ alone, all blessings will come to mankind. The only true Messiah, the only one able to take sin away, the only mediator between God and men.