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There are two main branches to the militairy:

  • The Knight Templar
  • The Dragon Order (of the knights Templar)

The first one is in in charge of the defence of the nation. The second is an elite order, in charge of the protection of HRH Hand of the King, HRH Prince Eugenio II.

The United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and The Knights Templar of the Holy Grail has not been in a war from the foundation of its nation untill now and likes to keep it that way. Beaulosagñe keeps the souereign right not to get involved in wars even if its alliance partners are involved in one. The Templar Kingdom will at all times try to promote peace.

None the less, the Templar Kingdom does have an army, and adults becoming of the age of 18, have the serve two years of compulsery service. This period of service may be posponed untill the adult has finished his studies. Religious objectors can serve their two year term in another form of compulsery service to the kingdom, in a service, chosen by the kingdom.

The Knights Templar, are ranked according to the old system set up by the knight in the middle ages:

   Grand Master Knight (1)
   Senechall (4)
   Marshall (12)
   Commander (144)
Police uniform


The Police corps is also divided in three levels:

  • Carabinieri, (local / under it falls the department of traffic)
  • Guardia Civil, (provincial / national waters control)
  • Police / Interpol (National/International / under it falls airport security, port control / bordercontrol / imigration)
  • Secret Service

The secret service agency of the Templar Kingdom is called the Inquisicion. This agency has nothing to do with the inquisicion which was so feared during the middle ages. inquisicion just means; examine, inquire, find out, investigate.

Lyonesse Red Guard[]

The Lyonesse Red Guard

The Lyonesse Red Guard is a division of the Knights Templars of the Holy Grail. Through the great Treaty of Friendship and Peace, with the especial grace of HRH Eugenio II, Hand of the King and Prince of the United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagne and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, the Most Sovereign Principality of Lyonesse established the Lyonesse Red Guard, a Holy Royal Division of the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, serving a foreign dignitary, for the protection of HRH Prince Lothian I, within the Holy Christian Lands of Lyonesse, for the enhancement and enrichment of our beloved allies and humble people of the Principality of Lyonesse.