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Rittermark of St.Saba ©

The Rittermark of St. Saba (known before asThe Province of Saba or St. Saba) was a caribbean province of the Republic of Bethania. It was the second southernmost province of the country, after Sint Eustatius but was not part of the continental Bethanian community. Its capital city is The Bottom and the island is claimed by the Netherlands. Because of this, Dutch is one of the official languages, but Virgin Islands Creole, a dialect of English is most widely spoken. Along with the other Caribbean provinces, Saba has the right to secede from Bethania if it would like to.

And so it did, on 0ct 13 2013. After which it asked protectorate status under the Templar Kingdom. The Templar Kingdom granted it Protectorate status and so on the same 13 oct 2013 it became part of the Templar Kingdom. and on 14-II-895/2014 it became integral part of the Kingdom, removing the protectorate status and becoming a full Rittermark.

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