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The Kingdom is precently building the most extensive library on: Templars / Crusade / Holy Grail / King Arthur / Ecalibur / Knights / Knights honour code / Swords / Shields / Helmets / Heraldry / Medieval Clothing / Wax Seals / Castles / Fortresses / Fortified cities / Warfare tactics, documentation. If any one is interested in adding their own works, or like to add more information, in printed form, to the royal library (in english only) let us know. We will gladly incorporate it in the library and add your name to the list of donors of the royal library. contact us at: prince.eugenio.ii@hotmail.com Beaulosagñe prides itself on having books still printed in the Letterpress printing system (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterpress_printing) and having books bound in gold-embossed leather-binding. Paperback books are hardly sold, because citizens prefer book durability over cheap price.

Books that the Royal Library already has:


  1. The art of Calligraphy [David Harris]>
  2. Geilustreerde Letters (NL) [Libero]
  3. Derectorio de Caligrafia (ES) [David Harris]


  1. The Louvre [Serge Prigent]
  2. The Alhambra in focus [Jon Trout]
  3. Dublin Castle [Denis McCarthy]
  4. El Escorial [Jose Luis Sancho]
  5. Mont Saint Michel [Lucien Bely]
  6. stranger stories from the Tower of Lodon [?]

King Arthur:

  1. the Complete Romances [Chretien de Troyes]
  2. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [unkmown]
  3. Le mort D'Arthur [Sir Tomas Malory] Delux edition
  4. Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur [Keith Baines]>
  5. Idyls of the King [Lord Tennyson]
  6. The story of King Arthur and His Knights [Howard Pyle] vol 1
  7. The Story of the Champions of the Round Table [Howard Pyle] vol 2
  8. The Story of Sir Lancelot and his Comapions [Howard Pyle] vol 3
  9. The Story of the Grail and the passing of Arthur [Howard Pyle] vol 4
  10. The Once and Future King [T. H. White]
  11. King Arthurs Knights [Henry Gilbert]
  12. The Acts of King Arthur and his noble Knights [John Steinbeck]
  13. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table [Roger Lancelyn Green]
  14. King Arthur and his Kinghts of the Round Table [Sidney Lanier]
King Arthur refference:
  1. Chronicles of King Arthur [Andrea Hopkins]
  2. Warriors of Arthur [John Matthews/Bob Stewart]
  3. King Arthur and the Grail Quest [John Matthews]
King Arthur novels:
  1. A connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court [Mark Twain]
  2. Mists Of Avalon [Marion zimmer Bradley]>
  3. The Cristal Cave [Mary Stewart]
  4. The Hollow Hills [Mary Stewart]
  5. The Last Enchantment [Mary Stewart]
  6. The Winter Prince [Elizabeth E. Wein]
  7. The Eagle and the Sword [A. A. Attanasio]
  8. The Warlords of Nin  [Stephen Lawhead] vol 2
  9. The Sword and the Flame  [Stephen Lawhead] vol 3


  1. Crusades and the Crusader Knights [Charles Philips]
  2. Knights and the crusades [Charles Philips]
  3. Oxford Crusades [Jonathan Rley-Smith]


  1. Viaje al pais de los cataros (ES) [Jesus Mestre Godes]


  1. Illiad [Homer]
  2. The odesee [Homer]
  3. Constantine [Frank Slaughter]
  4. Beowulf  [Unknown]
  5. Song of Roland [Unknown]
  6. Celtic Magic Tales [Liam Mac Uistin]
  7. Kingdoms of the Celts [John King]
  8. Poem of My Cid (EN/ES) [Appelbaum]
  9. A journal of the plague year [Daniel Defoe]>
  10. Joan of Arc [Mark Twain]
Historic novels:
  1. The Eagle and the Raven [Pauline Gedge]

Holy Grail:

  1. Grails - Quests of the Dawn [various authors]
  2. The Holy Grail [Richard Barber]>
  3. The Holy Grail [Giles Morgan]
  4. The Holy Grail [Sageet Duchane]
  5. The Grail - The quest for legend [Andrwe Sinclair]
  6. Rough Guide to the Da Vinci Code [Michael Haag]
  7. de Heilige Graal (NL) [Alan Butler]
  8. de Heilige Graal (NL) [Malcolm Godwin]
  9. In het Licht der Waarheid vol I (NL) [Abd-Ru-Shin]
  10. In het Light der Waarheid vol II (NL) [Abd-Ru-Shin]
  11. In het light der Waarheid vol III (NL) [Abd-Ru-Shin]

Micronational information:

Micro cover.jpg
  1. Utopia [Thomas More]
  2. Micronations [Lonely Planet]>
  3. Micronations [iSay serries]
  4. The Magna Carta [James Daugherty]
  5. The Carta Magnifica [Templar Kingdom]


Bibli Templarii ©

  1. Bibli Templarii [God]>
  2. The Greatest Man that ever lived [unkmown]
  3. A Guid to prayer [Rueben Job/Norman Shawchuck]
  4. The Bible Promice Book 
  5. Vergewist U van alles (NL) [unkmown]
  6. Catechism of the Catholic Church
  7. Living Justice [Thomas Massaro]
  8. The Book of Enoch [R. H. Charles]
  9. Celtic Spirituality [Maria Buckley]
  10. Lost Scriptures (books that did not make it into the new testament) [Bart D. Ehrman]
  11. Dead Sea Scrolls [Edward Cook]
  12. Philosophy [Louis P. Pojman]
  13. Divine Romance [Paramahansa Yogananda]
  14. Eerst Canto (NL) [Srimad Bhagavatam]
  15. Ecyclopedea of Signs and Symbols [Mark O'Connell/Raje Airey]
  16. The book of Mormon [Joseph Smith]
  17. coram (the goverment politicly corrected edition). [unkmown]
  18. Dianetics [L. Ron Hubbard]


  1. The Tragedy of the Templars [Michael Haag]>
  2. ​The Templar Code for dummies [Christopher Hodapp, Alice Von Kannon]
  3. The Templar Revelation [Lynn Piknett/Clive Prince]
  4. Holy Blood, Holy Grail [Michael Baigent/Richard Leigh]
  5. Bloodline of the Holy Grail [Laurence Gardner]

Templar Novels:

  1. The Da Vinci Code [Dan Brown] Delux edition>
  2. Knights of the Black & White [Jack White]
  3. The Last Templar [Raymond Khoury]
  4. Requiem [Robyn Young]
  5. The Sanctuary Seeker [Bernard Knight]
  6. The Religion [Tim Willock]
  7. The Iron Lance [Stephen Lawhead]
  8. The Secret Supper [Javier Sierra]
  9. Rozabal Line [Ashwin Sanghi]


  1. Knights, swords, spears & Daggers [Harvey Withers]

Coat of arms:

  1. Gemeente Wapens (NL) [K. Sierksma]
  2. Vlaggen en wapens (NL) [Whitney Smith]


  1. Lord of the Rings [J.R.R.Tolkien]
  2. The ring of the Nibelung [Richard Wagner]
  3. The Cronicles of Thomas Covenant, the unbeliever [Stephen Donaldson]
  4. The Summer Tree vol I [Guy Gavriel Kay]