Holy Templar Kingdom Wiki


outside view

A templar church has 4 towers; one on each corner, each one placed so as to be facing North, East, South and West. The church has 4 entrances, of which one of each is facing one direction of the compass. The center tower is domelike, letting in light to the center of the church. All four sides of the church are identical. The cross shaped church is usally in the center of a round garden. This round garden is formed by a pillar fence of crude pillars (stonehenge like.) The size of the garden is up to the congregation. Inside the garden there is usually found one big tree, facing east, that represent the "Tree of Life".


inside layout

The nave of a templar church is always round, and each church should contain a baptismal pool big enough for total body emersion. Each church can have a library where the holy Templar Bible and other documents can be kept. (if the congregation can not finance the assembling of a library, the space may be used to house another frato.)

No worldly transactions, bussiness transactions or goverment transactions may take place inside the building or on the grounds. the church is exclusively a building dedicated to the devotion to God.