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Our Plan, our Hope, our Dream!


The Templar Kingdom wants to buy a destroyed runied castle and restore it to its former glory. It plans to incorporate in this castle a permanent templar museum, a monastery (where templars can study and learn), the royal library (which is being build as we speak and will be moved in, when the castle is purchaced), a swordmanship traing camp, and medival shops. (where medival products can be bought.) [1]

What we want the castle to eventually contain:

the castle:Edit

  • Templar History Museum
  • 4 converence Halls, (2 big & 2 small rooms )
  • a grand library
  • office
  • throne room (grand hall/ballroom)
  • plenty of bedrooms

the outer buildings:Edit

  • printingshop (all official documents will be made here/art material brushes)
  • farmacy/herbalshop/cleaning products/dental products/first aid (+in house docter)
  • bookshop (books and caligraphy/writing material)
  • medieval clothing shop (all clothing/head gear/ no leather)
  • leathershop (all leather needs/sandals/leather headgear/sadles)
  • bakery/pasetryshop
  • barbershop/hair/nails
  • massage/accupuncture/hot stone relax
  • stained-glass/glas shop, cups/beakers(glass/ceramic)
  • restaurant with jousting area and life music /bar
  • medieval shop (no swords and shields) /cups /beakers /rings /crowns /tiara's /seals /wax /lamps /curtains /drapes /banners /flags /keychains)
  • metal smith (swords, shields /armour)
  • wineshop/spirits
  • bank 
  • postoffice(stamps/postcards)

on the premisses:Edit

  • medieval marschal arts training camp
  • valconary
  • stables
  • Burial grounds for Knight Templars.
  • maybe a tennis court
  • maybe a swimming pool
  • maybe a gym

financing the project:Edit

how we plan on financing the castle purchase.

1) timeshare purchase; of one of the Inner rooms in the castle at a low price of 2000€/week/room only 780 inner room purchases are available. And Outer rooms at a low price of 1000€/week/room. Timeshare-week rates run from monday evening to monday morning following week. This timeshare can be paid in either 10 installments of 200€ or 20 installments of 100€ if you want.

2) Investment/Shares Inverstment return plan; invest an X amount of money and get a 10% interest return rate on the finished castle. Buy shares and get a yearly return on your share.

3) Donate and get to sleep for 2 nights free in the Outer rooms of the castle! Donate a substancial amount and and you get to name a room or a wing or a tower or a gate of the castle /grounds!

4) Sale of Heredetary Titles, which are heredetary to the oldest offspring.