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National news:[]


20-VI-896/2014: Huro-Atlantica has been pardoned and is removed from de list of regions non-grata. In the future relations with the micronation might improve.

13-VI-896/2014: saboviaa has been banned from diplomatic relations with our Holy nation and have been added to the list of infidel region non-grata

07-VI-896/2014: Diplomatic relations have been opened with Sorrenia! [1]

05-III-895/2014: The birthday of the Arch-Duke is being celebrated!

02-II-895/2014:The founding of the round table is being celebrated!

01-01-895/2014: no longer is the Templar Kingdom going to use the words; state, province or autonomous region, the new term is "Rittermark"

27-XII-895/2013: Diplomatic relations have been opened with Guerreria!

22-XII-895/2013: On Sunday, December 22nd, 2013, His Royal Highness Prince Eugene II, Hand of the King of the Templar Kingdom, has entered into official diplomatic agreement with His Territorial Highness Prince Arthur Angel Louis Pagan and The House of Homestead. We also look forward to our solid future of mutual engagements and worldwide diplomatic missions. Prince Eugene II, Hand of the King, Templar Kingdom.

World news:[]


20-VI-896/2014: Prince Philipe, has been made king Philipe VI of Spain, Spain is a kingdom again.

08-VI-896/2014: The king of Spain abdicates, his son Philipe has not assended the throne yet, so Spain is a republic, for now.

05-01-895/2014: The Templar Kingdom wishes His Royal Highness Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau, a happy 93rd birthday!

20-XII-895/2013: Gay Marrige is now legal in New Mexico

08-XII-895/2013: renaissance building vandalized. [2]

30-IV-895/2013: The Templar Kingdom wishes prince Willem Alexander a wonderfull day with his Coronation as King Willem Alexander!

Chuch news:[]

207px-Russia-Moscow-Cathedral of Christ the Saviour-8.jpg

01-VI-896/2014: book 34 has been finished compileling, correcting and additing. book 35 is now being studied under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

20-III-895/2014: The Preacher of Hate is dead! Phelps the creator of the westboro baptist cult is dead. Many expect that victims of his hate campains might come to his funeral to picket, as he has done! [3]

29-XI-895/2013: book 33 has been finished compileling, correcting and additing. book 34 is now being studied under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Art news:[]

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16-XII-895/2013: the Templar Kingdom Caledar is ready, it can now be ordered directly at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/eugenio-ii-clig%C3%B1ett-diaz-scorpio/templar-kingdom-holidays/calendar/product-21262392.html

Stockmarket news:[]


31-V-896/2014: Post Templarii got it's new logo.

14-XII-895/2013: Banc Templarii got a bank logo.

14-XII-895/2013: Royal Mint got a new logo.

01-I-895/2013: the Sovereign Templar Crown is repegged from the Euro to the British Pound.