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The road of True Faith

True faith, is a progessive faith, a road that keeps going forward. Any who do not keep up with Gods revealing truth, stay behind and fall by the way side.

The truth in the above mentioned statement and evidence of this fact, is given by the example of Christ Himself, who rejected the religion of His day. He called the religious leaders of His day serpents and offspring of vipers.

As the spiritual day gets brigther and brigther, the truth gets more revealed more clear, more correct and updated.

Is every faith a religion?[]

No, one can have a faith and still not have a religion, for example: scienthology beliefs in a science-fiction story but it is not a religion, because there is no deity involved in this faith, even thought they use the term "Church". Atheism is a belief system too, but not a religion, since they belief: "there is no god. "

What is a pagan religion?[]

A pagan religion (according to the Templar Church), is ANY religion, that is a NON-Christian faith and does not follow/use the Holy Bible. (the Mormon church is considered pagan too, according to the Templar Church, even though they call themselves "Christian", since to them the book of mormon is more important than the Holy Bible and they belief in mulitple gods and that humans become gods one day, not in a single Almigthy God.)