Holy Templar Kingdom Wiki

The Castle[]

birds eye view of Peñiscola

Peñiscola from the north beach ©

The main tourist destination of the Templar Kingdom is the ofcourse; the fortified city of Peñiscola! Check out the beautifull castle, at the top of the city. Which at one time was the head quarters of the Knights Templar and home to pope la Luna. The Castle has a Templar museum in the basement and in the main hall you can find a real copy of the Templar Kingdom flag hanging on the wall!

The Church[]

Templar Church on the main square ©

or stroll throught the beautifull streets ©

the Templar Kingdom flag hanging in the main hall! ©

Or Enter the Templar Church at main square and see were the Templars went for devotion and feel yourself teleported back in time and say your lords prayer where so many have done it before you and hear how your prayer will ecco off the walls.

If you have interest in more modern technology, then check out the lighthouse! The city proudly has still a fully functional lighthouse!

Or take a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets and get to know the local people at one of the taverns.

If you prefer to sunbath, there is plenty of places you could go, on one of the many island of the Kingdom.