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The Iberian Union oversees and is conserned with the economic, political, cultural, peace, and monitary isues of Micronations on the Iberian Peninsula. The Union Iberica, protects, promotes and helps micronations in Spain and Portugal to become know and recognized by it macronation neighbours. Even though the Iberian Union, does try to unite micronations, it does not try to dictate the micronation members to be the same, diversity is one of it goals. Micronations in the region still will keep their sovereignty and are not forced to accept laws other micronations have.

The official languages of the Iberian Union are Spanish, Portuguese and Esperait. (Catalan, Gallego, Basque might be added later if there are micronations claiming one of these as their official language.) Although for the surpose (that this webpages site is an english page), all information has been translated in to english. see: Spanish Micronations

The Templar Kingdom of Beaulosagñe supports the Treaty of Durango and wishes others to do so as well. Treaty of Durango

Current High Chanselor :(president) of the Unión Iberica is: Timeria

Here you can find accepted boundries of the UI members: http://www.mapfab.com/map/JGg/Templar-Kingdom

Rules of membership[]

  • Art. 1.1The nation must claim real land on the Iberian peninsula, besides ficional or on other planets,or on the moon. (real land even as small as 1 square meter.)
  • Art. 1.2: UI does’t recognize nations who claim territory belonging to other UI nations.
  • Art. 1.3: That they are not currently involved in a micronational war. After the war is over, the nation in question can apply for membership.
  • Art. 1.4: If UI discovers that a recognized nation is violating human rights, and does not respect the universal freedoms, UI will immediately expel that nation from UI.
  • Art. 1.5: If UI discovers that a member nation is guilty of the use of illegal internet activities (hacking and viruses), then UI will immediately expel that nation from UI.

if a nation fullfils these requrements, it does not need to apply, its membership is automaticly accepted and it can add it's name to the list below.


  • Templar Kingdom
    • Principality of Aquitania (since 02-XI-894/2012 /Protectorate Principality of the Templar Kingdom.)
    • Principality of Ebro (since 02-XI-894/2012 /Protectorate Principality of the Templar Kingdom.)
  • Ceres
  • Niclogia
  • Regerin
  • Timeria
  • Sarre
  • Republica Española
  • Navarra
  • Valumar
  • Destroy
  • Nueva Sol


  • Prevent war
  • Maintain Peace between nations
  • Changing the world to a better place
  • Connecting Nations to each other
  • ​Taking Iberian poverty down
  • ​Supporting other nations
  • ​Creating Freedom of speech and religion
  • ​Maintainig Equality
  • welcoming new micronations in Iberia to the world sene