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All visitors of foreign nations will need to obtain a valid Visa (valid for the entire duration of stay) and a valid passport (valid for entire duration of stay + 6 month) to enter the Templar Kingdom, only nations that are members of the Avalon Agreement do not need a visa, a valid passport is sufficient.

  • Travel Visa 30 day visa (cost 12£) TVF-E
  • Business Visa 30 day visa (cost 24£) BVF-E
  • Student permit visa 1 year visa (cost 120£) SPV-E (this person is not allowed to work!)
  • Work permit visa 1 year visa (cost 288£) WPV-E
Countries and territories stays:
Avalon Agreement nations Unlimited Stay
EUM Nations Visa at Arrival only 30 days, 90 days for EUM
All other nations* 30 Days, valid passport + Visa required
  • The Templar Kingdom reserves the right to refuse the issuing of a visa to all citizens of a nation, if the goverment feels this nation and its subjects, poses a thread to national security. Check with your local consulate, to see if your nation might fall under the national security threat clause.

Avalon Agreement.[]

The Avalon agreement, has become the passport travel agreement between the Templar Kingdom and Lyonesse only. No other nations have Avalon agreement rights in either The Templar Kingdom or Lyonesse. Citizens of all other nations will still need a valid passport and valid visas to enter Avalon Agreement nations. Nations of the Avalon Agreement:

  • Templar Kingdom     (Union Beaulosagñese member)
  • Lyonesse
  • Aquitania     (Union Beaulosagñese member)
  • Ebro     (Union Beaulosagñese member)
  • Maria Magdalena     (Union Beaulosagñese member)

Asylum visas[]

The Templar Kingdom grants temporary asylum to everyone who's live might be in danger, permanent asylum is considered and studied case by case, by Immigration Office. Any one offered permanent asylum is not automatic citizen of the nation. He or she now has to apply for citizenship. [1]

  • Beaulosagñe does not offer asylum on the basis of economic hardships (economic refugee).
  • Beaulosagñe grants asylum to anyone on basis of live threatening situation in case of sexual orientation.
  • the Templar Kingdom grants asylum to Christians living in oppresive dictatorial, fanaticaly religious, izlamic nations.
  • the Templar Kingdom is now implementing the Repatriation Act, [4], now any convicted of a serious crime can and will be deported (the immidiate related family included), with no return rights (for the family as well), even if this one had obtained full citizenship.
  • GL Asylum form Gay-Lesbian persecutions asylum request (GLA-E)
  • Christian-Persecution Asylum form Christian persecution asylum request (CPA-E)